Wednesday, December 25, 2019

"And now behold, I say unto you, my brethren, you that belong to this Church, have you sufficiently retained in remembrance the captivity of your fathers? Yea, and have you sufficiently retained in remembrance of his mercy and long-suffering towards them? And moreover, have ye sufficiently retained in remembrance that he hath delivered their souls from hell?"  Alma 3

It is God's pattern to speak with His children and teach them.  These people are then asked to go and share very specific things God has taught them.   Their eyes were opened and they get the job of sharing that others eyes may be open if the hearer chooses. Their message is only as good as it is pure and that varies greatly depending in the humility and diligence of the speaker.  The hearer and speaker must know that only God matters and allow him to be the final say.  The God of heaven, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob calls mortals to speak God's word.  The Lord uses these people to call his children out of darkness.  These speakers are NOTHING except what God had given them and then that part is God's, which leaves them NOTHING still.   You owe them nothing, no trust, no aligence, nothing other than gratitude of the part they played in Heavenly Father's plan.

Have you kept in your heart the working of a great God in the weakness of yourself.  A correct memory of how it was God and God ALONE who freed you.  NO man, not even yourself.  All allegiance goes ONLY to God.  He covers our weakness when we rely on him.
God is the one who changes our hearts and awakens us to our blindness and separation from him as we are being pulled down into the hell of this world.  The Saviour, Jesus Christ, is the one who gives the light to break through our darkness and see a better way.  Eventually breaking us out of the hell of this world literally bringing us into the presence of heaven and God, where he has a place for us to stay.  Now THIS is what the word salvation means.  To humble yourself, to put your TRUST in a LIVING God, a God that will become a part of you every moment.  To return to him daily, several times a day.  To make him a part of every thought process.  To let him show his interest in every single thing you do.  To understand that he, as a perfect parent, has more experience than any person on this earth and can see the absolute best path for us.  To ask for his guidance constantly.  To seek HIS teaching constantly.  To be corrected by him constantly, by our own choice, because we know he knows where our success lies.  Then, we must become broken and willing to hear his teachings and instructions (action) through the noise and distractions of this world and our own thoughts.  And sometimes even the persuasion of others.

When you do this he WILL enter into you.  He will fill you with His spirit to bring wisdom and knowledge.  His peace and love will become part of you to the blessing of his children all around you.  You become a beautiful reflection of him.  Similar to looking in a mirror, only it is your actions that are a mirror of him.  And you will KNOW that you have done EVERYTHING to mirror him, even with all your brokenness and weakness.  You will KNOW that he has entered into you and that ALL goodness that comes from you is HIS and you take no credit for his work, only to allow it to flow freely from you that his work may go forward unhindered. 

"Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world; he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life." John 8:12

The warning voice of the Lord again goes forth.  It fills the sacred writings and must always be heeded.  This world is filled with men and women who will steal your ability to have a relationship with the Savior to gain greater "love," trust, and dependence on themselves.  Some do it knowingly and most do it because they themselves are deceived.  They set themselves up as a person of favor.  Someone to rely on when you are just learning to hear the Lord.  A person to correct and "help" you along your path back to God.  The scriptures show that God will allow you to do that just like he did with the Hebrews when he had Moses guide them out of Egypt.  However, he was also clear that they had chosen a man (who cannot save) over the God who can save perfectly.  He was displeased.  He was very sore with those who took a role to persuade others to desire trust in person who saw narrowly versus a God who saw perfectly.  He was held back from giving them the great gift symbolized in the promised land because the people didn't want him as their god.

God's love is perfect.  Perfectly filling, perfectly understanding, perfectly correctly, perfectly understandable.  The scriptures say do not fear man, do not call any man good, do not set any person as better than you, do not allow yourself to believe that anyone is more capable of hearing the Lord than anyone else.  If you do you are limiting God in his perfection.  Let him be perfect.  If you tear down how you view yourself and others and you can let God be perfect.    

Many of you God has already called out.  He has taught you.  He is still working to teach you.  However, if you decide to put a person as your examplar, you have pushed God aside and he does step back until you are ready for him to take his rightful desired place as sole teacher.  If you ask to be shown your warning signs for where you may be trusting man more than God, he will answer. If you ask to be taught what to expect when you are fully trusting God, he will gladly show you.  If you don't hold any options back, but give him your full self, mind, and heart to work with, correct, and fill, he will fill it.  He has promised.  He will fill it more than you could ever imagine.  He delights in filling you, his temple.

"...[A]nd the Lord whom ye seek shall suddenly come to his temple, even the messenger of the covenant, whom ye delight in; behold, he shall come, saith the Lord of hosts."

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